International Trade

  • Unison Metals Limited is an associate company of UCM Group of Industries which started its operation in 1990 as a private limited company and subsequently became as a public limited company in 1995.

  • Unison Metals manufactures Hot & Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheets, Stainless Steel Patta for wide range of industrial applications and became a pioneer in the Steel Industry, particularly in Gujarat, India.

  • Unison Metals has been selected by Investment & Technology / Promotion Division of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) for collaboration in the field of Stainless Steel Sheets, Kitchenware, Tableware, Cutlery, Utensils, Storage Tanks & Drums. It is itself a recognition towards manufacturing of quality products.

  • Though a Small Scale Industrial Unit, UNISON is fully equipped with the best and the latest technology available in the field. The company is enlisted at Ahmedabad and Rajkot Stock Exchanges in India.